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Student Exchange Program (Summer Program)

Why study abroad at Taylor’s University?

Located in the heart of Malaysia, Taylor’s University provides a unique educational experience with a perfect location.  Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus encompasses a modern, functional design with state-of-the-art facilities and our trademark 5.5-acre lake.  This education abroad program gives you the opportunity to take courses in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society.  


What can you study?

Taylor’s University invites students to study with us for 9 weeks during their summer break. Students will take courses within the American Degree Program (ADP) at Taylor’s University. ADP is designed around the American education system, so you will have no problems adjusting to courses or curriculum.  A variety of different courses are available that can directly transfer back to your home university.  Working with your home university and Taylor’s ADP, you can select up to 3 subjects (9 credits) to take during the course of the 9-week program. 

What are the course offerings?

You can download by clicking the link below

Where will you live?

During your summer semester in Malaysia, you have the opportunity to live in on-campus or off-campus accommodations. A variety of different options are available for different budgets. We will assist you with your housing needs.


Study Abroad Fees 

The fees includes tuition fees, administration and exchange student fees, insurance, and cultural activities and trips.  Additional expenses (not included) will be airfare, food, and other personal expenses.  


About Kuala Lumpur 

Taylor’s University is ideally located in Subang Jaya, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur.  Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, has a population of approximately 1.8 million people.  Combining the old world with the modern, Kuala Lumpur offers plenty of entertainment and cultural activities.  Malaysia has a diverse population with a mix of Malay, Indian, and Chinese culture.  Visit the Batu Caves, Petronas Twin Towers, and explore Jalan Alor for a Malaysian food experience.  


What are the requirements to apply?

Students will need to have a 2.5 GPA.  Any major can apply as there is a diverse course offering and students can select courses based on their individual needs.


So you want to travel around Southeast Asia while you’re studying here?

This is the perfect program for you!  The proximity to Kuala Lumpur International Airport offers students the opportunity to travel around Southeast Asia for a very reasonable price!  Flights to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia are all under two hours and very cheap for budget travelers.  If you have ever wanted to travel Southeast Asia, this program is designed for you. 

You can visit the beautiful sights within Malaysia including the islands of Langkawi, Penang, and Pangkor.  Melaka, a UNESCO world heritage site, offers a rich colonial history and architecture.  A tour of these regions will give you an understanding of the diversity and richness of Malaysian culture.  

How do you apply? 

Please email us to let us know you are interested and we will send you the registration forms. And if you have any questions, contact us at: 


Housing Information for International Students

We are pleased to introduce our on campus accommodation as the best choice for international students. Kindly refer to the proposal below :

  • Duration of stay : minimum three (3) months

  • Deposit : RM2,500 

  • Monthly rental : RM1,450.00

  • Total payment upon check-in : RM6,850 

  • Room type : standard single room (without bathroom attached)

For more housing information, you may contact Cham Wei Fong, Taylor's Hostel Manager, Admin & Reservation at or visit our website at

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