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Dr. Wan Pushpa Melati Wan Abdul Halim 
(Head-Department of Liberal Arts & Humanities)
Ms. Gan Chai Lian
(Manager-University Placement)


Professor Dr. Anindita Dasgupta
(Head of School)
 [School of Liberal Art & Sciences]
Dr. Loh Kah Heng
(Program Director, American Degree Program)
Ms. Sumathi Sinnasamy
(Counsellor-University Placement)
Staff Directory



[Head of School] 

[ School of Liberal Art & Sciences]


As head of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I want to thank you for your interest in joining a dynamic and proven pathway to attaining a global education. With more than twenty years of history, the ADP program has, for decades, been nurturing talented young people from throughout Malaysia as they embark on individual journeys toward post-graduate success. Our faculty embraces a teaching philosophy that puts students at the center of a holistic educational experience that is closely mentored and unique. Moreover, each of our departments within ADP is linked to a wide range of universities and colleges: primarily in the United States, but also in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Much like students today, the American Degree Transfer Program is “going global,” and I am honored to have the opportunity to steward ADP at this exciting time in its development.
Dr. Anindita

Dr. Wan Pushpa Melati 

[Head - Department of Liberal Arts & Humanities] 


Dr. Wan Pushpa Melati has been at Taylors for 1 years. She has taught in the Language Department, as well as within ADP. She enjoys the fast pace of the ADP environment, and loves being around students as they take the monotony out of administrative work.

“Jobs in the future are not going to be the conventional ones of my generation. So parents, let your children guide you in their passion and their strengths when making decisions regarding their education and becoming adults."

Ms Prema
Dr. Wong
Murugan (2).jpg
Dr. Murugan
Ms. Theresa Chiew
Mr. Alvin Ng


[ stream coordinator - dept. of math & computer science ]

[ senior lecturer ]


Dr. Wong is drawn to Mathematics because he enjoys calculating and problem-solving. He tries to bring innovative teaching ways into the classroom, as both his parents are teachers. Dr. Wong encourages students to maximize their efforts, take advantage of all facilities on campus, and enjoy working on their interests and strengths.


Aside from math, Dr. Wong enjoys listening to house music and working out.


[ senior lecturer ] 


Ms. Theresa is a highly experienced Math lecturer, having taught for 25 years. Her favorite thing about teaching is being around students keeps her young as she gets to know how their world changes.

“My achievements are my students’ achievements.”

Dr. Wong
Ms. Theresa
Math & CS
Murugan (2).jpg

Dr. Murugan Thangiah

[ Senior Lecturer ] 


Dr. Murugan enjoys teaching programming concepts to students. He believes students should enjoy what they do, and those pursuing Computer Science must have a passion for creative thinking and problem-solving .


His hobbies include photography playing cricket, and traveling.


[stream coordinator - Engineering and Applied Sciences ] 


Mr. Alvin teaches various Math subjects. As a lecturer, he enjoys sharing his knowledge, and seeing students learn. His hobbies include music, playing piano, and calligraphy.

“Be ready for challenges. Don’t be afraid of failure. Just try.”

Mr. Azeem
Mr. Alvin
Ms. Lim You Ping


[ stream coordinator - dept. of business ] 

[ senior lecturer ]


Ms. Lim teaches Business subjects. Her favorite subject is Economics. When she is free, she enjoys decorating and handicrafts. She likes to tell students to try, to be focused and be patient with their work.
Ms. Lim

[ stream coordinator - department of Liberal Arts ]

[ senior lecturer ] 

Dr. Vandana taught in India, Malaysia, and Vietnam. She loves teaching English, Literature, and Creative Writing. Teaching allows her to share, to come together with students and open minds. She encourages young writers to write what they want, and to pay special attention when editing as that is when their stories will take shape.

When Dr. Vandana has free time, she likes writing, reading, and doing research. She has a new novel coming out soon, titled 1857 Dust of Ages.


Ng Eng Hui(Alvin)
Dr. Loh Kah Heng
Dr. Wong
Dr. Hanim
Dr. Yvonne
Engineering & Applied Science
Dr. Yvone


[ Program Director - American Degree Transfer Program ]

[ senior lecturer ]


Beginning his career teaching at SAM , Dr. Loh has been with Taylor's for the past 28 years. He enjoys traveling, especially to China and asian countries as he loves understanding different cultures around the world. 

Having taught ADP since 1997, Dr. Loh enjoys teaching Physics the most. To him, it's seeing the subject being applied to everyday life that excites him the most. He reminds his students that there is no easy way to learn, you've got to work hard for it all. 

Dr. Loh


[ Senior Lecturer ] 


Dr. Yvonne teaches physics & engineering modules. As a physicist & scientist, she has many interesting stories & facts about quantum, time travel machine, black holes, and etc to share in classes. She ensures that her students will always learn in an enjoyable and fun environment. Apart from science, she likes gardening, cooking and traveling.


“Chemistry revolves around daily life” this quote defines Dr. Hanim’s enjoyment of learning and teaching chemistry. She graduated from her Ph.D. study, specialized in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Bristol, UK. At ADP, she teaches chemistry modules as her major subject and biology as her minor subject. During her spare time, she loves to do outdoor activities such as running and hiking. She takes great pleasure in café hopping, traveling as well as taking photographs of nice scenery.

Name, Title

Ms. Thava
Dep. Liberal Arts and Languages


Ms. Thava
Dr. Hanim

[ stream co-ordinator, liberal arts & languages]

[senior lecturer ] 



A long serving dedicated lecturer who is actively involved in the teaching and learning of communication and academic writing courses. She is particularly interested in enhancing the first year experience of students and empowering them to achieve their educational goal 


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